My doctor’s boardgamer son only plays “games that are as complicated to learn as they are to play”

I was excited to see a red notification icon on my Facebook page one day and noticed that I had a new message awaiting me. It turned out to be an unsolicited Facebook message from a guy who introduced himself as the son of my doctor. I last saw my doctor a few months ago, and I like her. She is great and caring and gets to know her patients on a personal level. We briefly got to talking about my hobby of playing board games, painting miniatures, and such.

imperial assault04

Confidentiality issues aside, I thought nothing of it, and was now engaged in a conversation with my doctor’s (apparently) boardgamer son. He introduced himself, I introduced myself, and he got to talking about maybe getting together sometime to roll some dice. The conversation went kind of like this:

Boardgamer: Hi, my name is Zach. My mom told me you like to play board games. Maybe we can get together some time and play games.

Me: Hey, Zach! My name’s Robert E. Leet and yes I love playing all kinds of board games. I gotta check my schedule, but I’m sure we can work something out.

Me still: What types of boardgames do you like? I have been playing Star Wars Imperial Assault and Arkham Horror lately. I can bring some over. I also have Scoville, Ticket to Ride, Catan and expansions, Codenames, etc. etc.

Boardgamer: I guess light games are ok. I only like to play games that are as complicated to learn as they are to play.

Me: Oh okay. Yeah. I also have Twilight Struggle, Star Wars: Rebellion, and recently got War of the Ring, but they’re like two players only. What do you have in mind?

Boardgamer: I like games that take as long to learn the rules as it is to play.

Me: Okay sounds good. I’ll check my calendar and let you know.

—-end of correspondence—-

First, I don’t EVER want to sound like I’m on any higher ground or status when I talk to anyone about my hobbies, whether it be boardgaming, miniature painting, sitting at the park, whatever. I enjoy boardgaming and I am happy to introduce people into it for the first time and I am glad to learn about newer, deeper, and different games as well. Despite my many years in the hobby, I have not delved as deep into buying, collecting, and playing as many others have. Of course, there are games I’ve never heard of or played. I’m happy to try them out.

Second, how do you even talk to someone who talks like this? I was so turned off by the conversation that I never reconnected with him nor do I have the desire to. I can’t even imagine what gaming with him and his friends might be like.

What are your thoughts?


One thought on “My doctor’s boardgamer son only plays “games that are as complicated to learn as they are to play”

  1. Sounds like someone who doesn’t have much board game knowledge. I have fun with any board game but I also enjoy complicated board games, and I could give you a few examples if asked – Twilight Imperium, Scythe, Mage Knight. If he really enjoyed complex games then he could’ve mentioned some; maybe he was just trying to show off for a potential friend.

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