How to Paint: Outrider Boreal Knight

This is a How-to-Paint tutorial of the Outrider Boreal Knight miniature from Dark Souls The Board Game.


The Outrider Knights from Boreal Valley were given the eyes of Pontiff which transformed them into savage, raving warriors who only knew how to serve as mindless guards. Every Outrider Knight one day devolves into a beast, constantly hounded by Pontiff Sulyvahn’s black eyes.

The Outrider Knights serve as mini-bosses that can be found in various parts of the world of Dark Souls, similar to the Titanite Demon. They are fast and at first unpredictable. They also attack with a frost damage that can slow the player down if playing carelessly. They are larger than some of the more common monsters and are often found in enclosed spaces, which can make fighting them difficult, especially with their large-range slashing attacks. Be careful when fighting these Outrider Knights!

Paints used:

Step-by-Step painting guide:

Here’s a brief guide on the painting process. For the quick and easy guide video, scroll down straight below.

  1. Cut and remove visible and prominent mold lines. Be careful when using a hobby knife.
  2. Wash the figure with warm water and soap to remove any oil and residue that may prevent the paint from sticking to the figure.
  3. Apply Primer: I used a brush-on primer by Vallejo – Surface Primer White. The white will help accentuate the brightness and gloss of the silver metallic armor worn by the Outrider Knights.
  4. Apply Base Layer of Metallic Silver. For this one I used an alcohol-based Vallejo Liquid Silver from the liquid metal line. The paint does a great job of coverage in one or two coats and is not chunky like other metallic paints.
  5. Wash with a blue tone. I used a blue ink tone by Army Painter. This was straight out of the bottle. If all of you have are plain color acrylic paints, you can still do a blue dark wash by mixing a blue paint with some gray/black to a darker tint, and adding water to create a consistency similar to skim milk. The purpose of this is to add a tone of blue to the armor which emulates the ice-cold color given off by the Outrider Knights.
  6. Wipe away excess blue tone with a paper towel. The blue ink/wash was not used to sink into the crevices, but rather to give a blue tone to the larger parts of the Boreal Knight’s armor. Gently wiping with a paper towel will leave a tint of blue on the silver metal armor.
  7. Wash with a darker gray/black tone. For this one, I used a mixture of 1:1 MSP Shadowed Stone and MSP Black with enough water to make it a wash. This is to make the details come out by having the wash sink into the crevices and delineate the contours of the figure.
  8. Dry-brush the silver metal layer. The dry-brush process ensures that raised areas are accentuated by having a brighter metallic luster.
  9. Finishing Details: A light-blue and frost-white glaze were used on the Boreal Knight’s helmet slits and the sword. These show the cold glowing eyes and sword. The sash on the Outrider Boreal Knight is not present on the video game counterpart. I chose a dark blue color to not have such a huge contrast against the figure’s main features, which is the silver armor.
  10. Varnish with a 1:1 mixture of Vallejo Matte and Gloss varnish because I did not have gloss varnish. Gloss varnish looks too wet and matte varnish looks too muted. The 1:1 mixture creates a more satin look in between.

Ideas for advanced techniques:

  1. Basing: some kind Dark Souls-themed base or something simple like cold snow can bring out the coldness and the action pose of the figure.
  2. Cold aura: In the Dark Souls video game, a cold aura of smokey frost surrounds the Boreal Knights. Though I am not familiar with these techniques, strands of cotton could be used to simulate this effect (like it has been used as smoke in some other figures).

Here’s the video tutorial:


Finished Product:



Thanks for checking out my tutorials! Let me know if you liked it or if you have any questions or comments!






3 thoughts on “How to Paint: Outrider Boreal Knight

  1. Hey do you have any pictures of a figure just base coated/primed with the Vallejo white? I got a bottle and it’s coverage was not so great and took like 15 coats. I was just wondering if I got a bad batch or it takes a ton of coats to get the white primer to come out well. Thanks!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hey. Sorry to hear about your experience. My first figures with the Vallejo White turned out milky and uneven too. In fact, the primer seemed a bit bubbly. After a while it kind of went away. If you aren’t already, make sure to shake it thoroughly before use. Here are some photos and a short video of my white-primed figures. All of these Imperial Assault miniatures started off as a gray plastic EXCEPT for the Gaarkhan Wookie warrior which started off as a light beige/tan color. Here are some links:

      The Nexus took about 4 coats.

      About three coats for the Royal Guard:

      And three coats for the E-Web Engineer stormtrooper:

      Let me know what you think and how else I can help.


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