Dark Souls The Board Game: Prepare to Paint

Dark Souls: The Board Game has started to ship to many different countries in the past week and a half. Many Kickstarter backers have received their copies, some in pristine condition, while others containing broken figures or missing pieces altogether. Others, like myself, have yet to receive any type of shipping notification.


Steamforged Games’ lack of communication on the shipping process has led to a number of frustrated Kickstarter backers (just check out the Comments page of the Kickstarter page). Shipping carriers in the United States alone seem to vary between USPS and FedEx with no apparent pattern. Some backers have reported receiving tracking notifications with multiple delays, while some simply received their package out of the blue.

QA issue?

Many people who have received their copies have commented on the awesome quality of the miniature figures and have already played their first couple of games. Some have even started painting their miniatures. Check out this spot-on Smough on BoardGame Geek’s images by user lbrennan85.


Steamforged Games’ Most Recent Update

I started writing this post last night, but since then, Steamforged Games has posted a new update regarding many of the shipping and QA concerns. This includes addressing shipping delays and expectations of when things should be received. In addition, SFG addressed broken and missing pieces, and that they are accepting inquiries through an automated service that will hopefully get things sorted out.

According to the update:

US: Most copies have now been sent, with the rest finishing arriving at the end of this week.

Where is my tracking number? Your tracking number can be found by logging in to your BackerKit, the tracking number will become visible once the distribution centre updates it.

Unfortunately, my BackerKit remains devoid of any tracking information. I remain hopeful yet realistic about receiving my copy by the end of the week.

Prepare to Paint!

In preparation, I have purchased a couple of supplies for my painting needs. Many of the characters and monsters in the Dark Souls world are armored and/or wield a weapon. Thus, I have purchased some quality (or so my research has brought me to the conclusion of) metallic paints. In addition, I also purchased a quality paintbrush to aid me in my painting. Vallejo Liquid Metal Paints and Winsor & Newton Series 7 Kolinsky Sable paintbrush.

Vallejo-Liquid-Gold-Metallic-Set-4-ColorsWN S7

Here’s to a whole week of waiting!


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